Margrit Linder

Hand Mirrors

Hand Mirrors

Cast silver mirrors lay in the hands they belong to.


The hand mirrors are individually cast into people’s hands, first with wax and then from the wax mould cast in silver. The silver surface is very bright and clear like a mirror. Each mirror is a personal object as it fits only in the matching hand.
I used photographs of the owners’ hands as covers for the wooden boxes holding the mirrors. For an exhibition I placed the mirrors on the photographs and arranged these in two rows of eight.
On the walls I installed black and white photographs, taken with the mirrors in the hands. I also included a written message from each person expressing what they want to see or remember when they look into the magic mirror.
In a gallery performance I cast wax into the hands of persons who wished to buy a mirror in silver. 1998/1999

box: wood 205x235x50mm